August 17, 2021

Baby Scream: Sad Balloons

Argentinian power pop musician Juan Pablo Mazzola is working on a new Baby Scream album that will see the light of day sometime next year. He did a bit of house cleaning and has just released Sad Balloons, an album with a bunch of covers, alternate mixes, early demos, and singles to keep him in the picture. Some of the material from the early days comes close to punk and hard rock.

The rollicking Britney Has Left The Building was previously released in 2016 on Flavour Of The Month via Swedish label Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Records, way before the current shit storm with her father in the midst of it, with his dubious role as her conservator. Including it as a prime example of serendipity. Mazzola is serious about the current state of the world and it became the main theme of the album. He channels a really angry Kurt Cobain with the brash Fuck This, before turning it down a notch with a subdued cover of Nirvana's I Hate Myself and I Want To Die.

Plastic Jesus, a song by The Goldcoast Singers, reached the mainstream thanks to a scene in Cool Hand Luke starts out as an Americana before making a sharp left and go mental a la the Sex Pistols with a touch of the Ramones thrown in for good measure. The odd one out on this collection is the Gene Simmons cover See You Tonite, a track from the Kiss bassist self-titled solo album. Anyone who can breathe life in such a mediocre song deserves a medal. He closes the album with an alternate mix of his 2020 single Guts, wrapping it in harsh sounding electronics, making it even darker than the original.

Baby Scream: Sad Balloons

Sad Balloons is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Britney Has Left The Building
  2. Cheap Perfume (2006 Demo)
  3. Fuck This
  4. I Hate Myself and I Want To Die
  5. See You Tonite
  6. Inhuman Cuack (2006 Demo)
  7. Mars (2005 Demo)
  8. Plastic Jesus ("Cool Hand Luke" Punk Rock version)
  9. Underworld (2006 Demo)
  10. Guts (Total Recall Mix)

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