July 12, 2021

So Cow: Bisignis

Irish musician Brian Kelly recorded the songs for Bisignis, his new album by his one-man project So Cow in a shed in Glennafosha. By doing so he could be as loud as he wanted, filling track after track with different instruments. He wears the lo-fi tag with pride, taking cues from punk a la the Buzzcocks, Pixies-inspired surf noise and the catchy melodies of the Undertones and Billy Bragg.

Kelly's no-frills approach is endearing, with self-deprecating songs like Leave Group and Now That I Am 38. He is fully aware that he will never fit in, but he is quite content about that. As long as he can pick up an instrument and create something fresh out of thin air there is no reason to change at all. With a bit of luck he will make some money that can be turned into Drink Tokens. No one is telling him what to do, which gave him the chance to keep Not Quite Nostalgia going for nine minutes straight after he stumbled upon a groove that he particularly liked.

So Cow: Bisignis

Bisignis is a self-released album (CD, cassette, digital). Buy it from his website. North American buyers can save on shipping by ordering it from Dandy Boy Records.

  1. The Sheds Of Glennafosha
  2. Leave Group
  3. Requests
  4. Barry Two
  5. Not Quite Nostalgia
  6. Now That I Am 38
  7. Keeping It Simple
  8. Drink Tokens
  9. Somewhere Fast
  10. Not Just Anyone At All
  11. Local Authority

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