July 13, 2021

Big Harp George: "It's Tuesday" video

George Bisharat, in his blues guise as singer and chromatic harmonica player Big Harp George, has posted a video for his latest single, It's Tuesday. He and his fellow musicians dressed for the occasion, having a socially distanced party.

It is hard to keep track of time when all the days are pretty much the same, but Tuesdays stand out: "[the song was] named after the day of the week when the garbage men come around to pick up the trash. Decidedly upbeat and utterly danceable he and his fellow musicians serve up a dish of red hot blues. And while music isn't a cure, it sure can provide a very welcome distraction in these weird and scary times". The clip was directed by Darren Patton Sr..

It's Tuesday is a self-released single, available as a free download from his website.

» bigharpgeorge.com

HCTF review of It's Tuesday.

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