June 10, 2021

Stephen Chopek: All Play No Work

photo: Jamie Harmon

For Stephen Chopek it was weird not to be on the road after a decade of intensive touring. Lucky for him just before everything grounded to a halt, he had experienced a peak in his songwriting output focusing on rhythm, riffs and keyboards, leaving him with a wealth of songs in various states of completion.

Moving from Memphis, TN to Atlanta, GA, gave him the time to distance himself a bit from the material. Once he got his home studio up and running again, the rearranging and tweaking process found him moving into powerpop territory. Six songs made the cut for an EP, Dweller, out on July 22nd via Declared Goods. Lead single All Play No Work is a 101 for funky guitar riffs and vocal harmonies. Chopek played all the instruments, but he sounds like a full band.

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