June 13, 2021

Kekko: Dreaming Life

Singapore-based shoegaze husband/wife duo Tim and Cherie Kekko tackle the fleeting nature of time on their debut EP, Dreaming Life. Trying to get a grip on their surroundings, while fully realizing that it might be a futile exercise in the long run, is the main theme of the four songs. Cherie's vocals are floating slightly above Tim's psychedelic dreampop synths, all done in very good taste.

Kekko: Dreaming Life

They dare to be fragile and the overall effect is quite intoxicating. It is almost comes as a shock when they turn it up a notch during the closing track Past Lives. Recommended if you like Slowdive and Dead Leaf Echo.

Dreaming Life is released via Spirit Goth Records. Buy it from their website.

  1. Dreaming Life
  2. Within You
  3. Timelessness
  4. Past Lives

» kekkotheband.bandcamp.com

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