June 14, 2021

Brian Wenckebach: A Morning, A Life

NYC-based guitarist Brian Wenckebach has been pushing the boundaries of ambient and post-rock for years under as a solo artist (the one-man project MIS+RESS) and a band member (Elika, Measured Thee Koukouvaya), but his new album A Morning, A Life is his long-awaited debut that bears his own name. Wenckebach's tone is instantly recognizable. His fluidity serves as a soothing layer for his knack to indulge in abstract motifs.

Painting with sound is a challenge and it takes years of practice to get it right. One bad note can ruin the mood and a carefully constructed composition comes crashing down. Wenkebach has mastered the art - he can even get away with fucking up on purpose during Everyone We Love Is Dying. Instrumental albums are rarely huge sellers - most people want words, although they don't pay much attention to the actual lyrics - but being a big guy in a small niche is not so bad. A Morning, A Life is a trip that visits 16 places and all of them is a landmark in its own right. Most some of them only last three minutes or less, but each one of them is a treasure trove fully deserving close inspection.

A Morning, A Life is released via speciality label Automatic Entertainment (180g. black vinyl, digital). The vinyl version was mastered by Simon Scott (Slowdive) at SPS Mastering.

  1. My Life Went By Like A Dream
  2. Nerds Ruining Baseball
  3. Goodbye, May Kasahara
  4. The Jordache Look
  5. Everybody I Know Drinks A Screwdriver
  6. Clouds
  7. Polar Orbit
  8. A Girl Abstractionist
  9. A Drinking Life
  10. Shorty’s Rosa
  11. The Claustrophobia Of The Forest
  12. Everyone We Love Is Dying
  13. The Betterment Of Well People
  14. People Crying In Chairs
  15. Shimmer
  16. Crazy Robots Dudes (digital only)

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