May 31, 2021

Waterstrider: Sublimate

photo: Gabriella Hernandez

Singer Nate Salman sings about gender on the new Sublimate EP by his Waterstrider project. Recorded with the members of the St Francis Hotel he bares his soul on a bed of electronics, beats and strings.

Giving in to his uncertainties and questions was a process, but once he had made up his mind about embracing sexual fluidity, he came up out on top with a slew of beautiful songs that explore the outer regions of electro-pop. He allowed himself to dream, while taking a look at himself and his immediate surroundings.

Waterstrider: Sublimate

Sublimate is released by Late Night People. Buy it from his website.

  1. Consume You
  2. End of Sequence
  3. Dream Dust
  4. Spirit House
  5. Sublimate


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