May 02, 2021

It It Anita: Sauvé

photo: Titouan Massé

Belgian noise rock quartet It It Anita are trying to be the missing link between Sonic Youth and the Pixies on their new album Sauvé, burrying the melodies under a thick layer of drums. It is the sound of Liège, a blue-collar town that once was one of the jewels in the industrial backbone of Wallonia.

Alternating between delivering a song as fast as they can - hitting the listeners over the head with a vengeance (Ghost, Sermonizer, Cucaracha - or sneaking up on them with at snail's pace giving them a false sense of safety (See Through, Authority) these guys are the opposite of a crowd pleasing band. Love 'em or get out - they don't care.

It It Anita:
Mike Goffard: vocals, guitar
Damien Aresta: vocals, guitar
Elliot Stassen: bass
Brian Hayart: drums

It It Anita: Sauvé

Sauvé is released via Vicious Circle (vinyl, CD, digital).

  1. Ghost
  2. Sermonizer
  3. See Through
  4. More
  5. Authority
  6. Dixon Kentucky
  7. Cucaracha
  8. Routine
  10. 53 (digital bonus)


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