April 06, 2021

Black Friars Social Club: Perdition's Hill

Black Friars Social Club, a music project based in Chicago founded by singer and songwriter Mark Panick, explore gothic folk on their new single Perdition's Hill. It is a prime example of old school storytelling - an old soul is punished to walk the hill for all eternity, but it could have been worse. Unlike what happened to Sisyphus, there is no boulder involved. The track moves slowly, as if to channel the tiredness of the unnamed protagonist. Honorable mention for Max Crawford, whose playing of both the Flugelhorn and a muted coronet gives the track an extra, somewhat comforting layer.

Black Friars Social Club:
Mark Panick: vocals, guitar, keyboards
Curtis Ruptash: bass
Mark Coutts: guitar
Heidi Serwer: backing vocals
Guest players:
Max Crawford: Flugelhorn, muted coronet
J. Tom Hnatow: pedal steel

Perdition's Hill is released via Underwear Factory Toy Records. Buy it from their website.

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