April 14, 2021

Slovenians: Sinners

Brussels based Slovenians have been part of the punk underground since 2012, keeping the flame of high energy, angry music alive with a vengeance. Their new EP Sinners contains for blistering, in-your-face anthems. Dedicated to their late lead guitarist Sinkesh Krištofik the quintet barrel through their songs at top speed. They name the Dead Kennedys as a major influence. They are not as politically charged as their American counterparts, but they manage to do a fine job trying to make the ears of their listeners bleed.

Sinners is released via P.O.G.O. Records (vinyl, digital). Signed copies available from the band's Bandcamp. Digital is pay-what-you-want.

  1. Negative Influence
  2. Get a Job
  3. Mobilehome
  4. Newbee in Town

» slovenians.be

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