April 27, 2021

Mandrake Handshake: Monolith

Mandrake Handshake
photo: Lola Stephen

London collective Mandrake Handshake embark on a trippy, neo-psychedelic journey on their new single Monolith, channeling late sixties Pink Floyd. It's a pastoral tune about coming of age and having second thoughts about the entering the world of adults. If the announced live shows actually happen, don't be surprised when they stretch the song way beyond the ten minutes mark.

Monolith is released via Nice Swan Records. Their debut EP Shake The Hand That Feeds You drops on June 18th - 12"vinyl, 500 copies.

Live dates:
  • 07/01 The Castle Hotel, Manchester (w/ Legss)
  • 08/12 YES, Manchester (Nice Swan Intro w/ Malady & Opus Kink)
  • 09/04 Manchester Psych Fest, Manchester
  • 09/12 Moth Club, London (Nice Swan Intro w/ Malady, Hallan, Jelly Cleaver & Opus Kink)
  • 10/09 Are You Listening? Festival, Reading

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