April 15, 2021

HCTF premiere - Layla Frankel: Dear Jennie

Singer Layla Frankel took a passage from Susan Orlean’s The Library Book as the starting point for her new single Dear Jennie. It is the story of a love letter, written anonymously to a woman named Jennie, that has been gathering dust for decades in a book. Embedded in a rich neo-country arrangement of strings, guitars and keys, Frankel tells the story with compassion, picking up the most likely one-sided conversation.

Shortly after moving to Nashville, her current place of residence, Frankel had serious doubts about her future as a musician. Her soulful, jazzy delivery felt out of place in "Music City, U.S.A.", but producer Jim Kimbal convinced her to persist after hearing her song TLC. They re-recorded it for a possible full album. That did not happen, but the track will join Dear Jennie on the forthcoming Postcard From the Moon EP, out on May 1.

Layla Frankel: lead vocals
Alex DeVor: keyboards, piano
Mark Hill: bass
Jim Kimball: acoustic guitar, mandolin
Sol Littlefield: electric guitars
Nir Zidkyahu: drums
Jonathan Yudkin: string section, string arrangement

» laylafrankel.com

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