April 07, 2021

Corrado Rustici: Interfulgent

Chances are that most listeners have been exposed to the skills of Italian musician, songwriter and producer Corrado Rustici. He worked as a producer for Andrea Bocelli, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Luciano Pavarotti, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Stewart Copeland. And he played with Aretha Franklin, Allan Holdsworth, Elton John, George Michael, Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis. As an artist in his own right he is on the fringes of fusion and progressive rock, with some metal and shredding thrown in for good measure.

His latest album Interfulgent (Latin for "shining through") is a showcase for his fluid dexterity. His guitar tone is about halfway Guthrie Gowan and Jeff Beck. Being freed from the constraints of the mainstream he has constructed melodic soundscapes, augmented by electronics, with Alex Argento (Icefish) riding shotgun on keyboards. Fans of guitar pyrotechnics will love this, but Rustici is not a player trying to cram as many notes as humanly possible into his compositions. There is always room for contemplation. By showing some restraint Interfulgent has become an intense album, a carefully crafted mix of both progressive and classical themes.

  1. Halo Drive
  2. Night of the Jackal
  3. The Man from Yorkshire (Dedicated to A.H.)
  4. Black Swan
  5. Anna
  6. Interfulgent
  7. Khetwadi Lane
  8. ZuZu Blues
  9. The Waters of Enceladus
  10. G. on a Sunny Day

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