April 05, 2021

American Culture: For My Animals

Denver's outsider lo-fi rockers American Culture go in at the deep end on their new album For My Animals, offering a wide (and wild) variety of songs that will have mainstream lovers running to the nearest exit. Being fiercely out of tune is part of the fun of Pedals, channeling Eric Burdon & War is the order of the day for No Peace and The Meat Puppets are the main point of reference for Losing My Mind. The Velvets meet the Replacements during a visit to the Drug Dealer's House.

The quartet are not here to provide a good time as such - listeners have to work to find a connection, but once they have managed to do that the band's special blend of bubblegum pop, punk and leftfield garage opens up like a treasure trove of damn smart songs that celebrate the back alleys of music that are never advertised on Clear Channel. Drift away with the psych-pop of 1972 and Horoscopes or try to nod along with the shifting rhythms of I Like American Music. This album has collector's item written all over it.

For My Animals is released via Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records (vinyl, cassette, digital).

  1. Silence
  2. For My Animals
  3. No Peace
  4. Small Talk
  5. Pedals
  6. Lude Dub
  7. Losing My Mind
  8. I Like American Music
  9. Drug Dealer's House
  10. 1972
  11. Horoscopes
  12. Here She Comes
  13. Lude Dub Pt. 2
  14. Dub for Eagles
  15. Natural Violence

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