March 29, 2021

Tautologic: Wheels Fall Off

Few albums come full circle without dropping the ball a few times along the way, but Wheels Fall Off by Chicago based progressive art rock sextet Tautologic is one of them. After a short intro/slash nursery featuring the band's songwriter Ethan Sellers kids they are off for a visit to a musical candy store, touching base with ska (Memo To Yourself), Zappa-esque instrumentals (Rocket Surgery) and breakneck speed folk (Fat, Dumb, and Happy, High School Reunion).

Tautologic cater to fans from so many genres that it could have turned into a muddy, faceless mess, but they are able to get to the core and add a smattering of bells and whistles that lets each track shine like the queen of the prom. Whether it is funky disco (Covered In Grit) or a late night jazzy torch song (Summer, 1995), this band really has both the stamina and the skills "to keep driving 'til the Wheels Fall Off".

Emily Albright: violin, vocals
Pat Buzby: drums
Nathan Britsch: bass
Chris Greene: tenor and soprano sax
Jay Montana: electric guitars
Ethan Sellers: keyboards, vocals
Special guests:
Tom Culver: cello
Johnny Showtime Janowiak: trombone (Covered In Grit)
John Moore, Jr.: trumpet (Covered In Grit)
Ezekiel and Naomi Sellers: vocals (Wheels Fall Off (Intro))

Tautologic: Wheels Fall Off

Wheels Fall Off is released via Turtle Down Music (CD, digital). Release date: April 2.

  1. Wheels Fall Off (Intro)
  2. That's What I Hear
  3. Memo To Yourself
  4. Rocket Surgery
  5. Fat, Dumb, and Happy
  6. Covered In Grit
  7. Exit Strategy
  8. Summer, 1995
  9. High School Reunion
  10. Wheels Fall Off


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