March 20, 2021

Remington super 60: Nouvelle Noveau

Norwegian indie pop band Remington super 60 made the break-up of two of their members, songwrtiter and keyboards collector Chrisoffer Schou and singer Elisabeth Thorsen the main theme of the new Nouvelle Noveau EP. with Magnus Abelsen handling guitar and percussion.

For some the extensive use of the Casio/Yamaha keyboards from the 80s might a bit much - they sound rather tinny, but were considered cutting edge back then. It is a nice contrst, alomost a counterpoint, for the dream pop vocals. Th EP won't shift as many units as fabled records such as Rumours. They are still good friends after all and that puts a damper on the lyrics.

Nouvelle Noveau is released on their own label Cafe Superstar recordings. Limited edition cassette (70 copies) via Slovakian lo-fi bedroom indie pop label Z Tapes.

  1. Talk With You
  2. I Won`t Change My Mind
  3. All I Want
  4. Still Near
  5. See This Through
  6. Misconception
  7. All Alone


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