February 01, 2021

Oh-OK: The Complete Reissue

photo: Laura Levine

The short-lived Athens post-punk act Oh-OK never released a full-length as a band (1981-1984). Singer Linda Hopper (vocals), Lynda Stipe (bass, vocals) and drummer David Pierce were special right from the start, relying on off-kilter, freeflowing lyrics on top of an utterly danceable back beat. They got their first break when they were the support act for REM, after being invited by Lynda's brother Michael... David McNair replaced Pierce and in their last phase as a recording unit the band had Matthew Sweet on guitar. After the 4-track mini-album Wow in 1982 and the Furthermore What EP in 1983 they broke up in 1984 shortly after recording two songs for a single that never saw the light of day. Hopper and McNair became founding members of indie band Magnapop, and Stipe handled the vocals for Hetch Hetch and Flash to Bang Time.

The band's reputation has only grown over the years and the upcoming reissue of The Complete Reissue on vinyl and cassette via Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records gives fans of rambling, melodic poppy punk the change to catch up with truly original approach. Think the B52's crashing a party hosted by the Breeders and the Slits.

Caveat: this is a straight reprint of the out-of-print 2011 vinyl The Complete Reissue and not to be confused with The Complete Recordings that was released on CD via Collectors' Choice Music. The latter has more tracks and a different running order. This album collects all the tracks from Wow and Furthermore What and the unreleased single, plus five live tracks.

  1. Lilting
  2. Brother
  3. Playtime
  4. Person
  5. Live
  6. Is It?
  7. Here We Go
  8. Jumping
  9. Down By The Beach
  10. Shock (Sic Transit)
  11. Furthermore What EP
  12. Such N Such
  13. Guru
  14. Choukoutien
  15. Straight
  16. Giddy Up
  17. Elaine's Song
  18. Courage Courage
  19. Random

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