February 07, 2021

Melting Mallows: Something Sweet

Belgian lo-fi bedroom pop duo Melting Mallows comprises of Bices Mali (guitar, vocals) and Brian Jon P. (drums, vocals). Their first full-length Something Sweet is filled catchy songs about falling in love, feeling awkward around women, and finding solace in listening to music. It's all quite charming and innocent sounding, something that they might not have accomplished with a bigger budget or access to better equipment.

They have a knack for writing succinct, optimistic songs, with leaning towards power pop and late Sixties psychedelia. Melting Mallows make it clear that is OK to be shy and a bit self-conscious. If anything those characteristics have supplied them with plenty of confidence that they will not run out of things to write about.

Melting Mallows - Something Sweet

Something Sweet is a self-released album.

  1. Find Me
  2. I'm Okay
  3. Street Cat
  4. That's What I'm Gonna Do
  5. Love Song
  6. Nowhere
  7. Sunshine
  8. Black and White
  9. Shake It Off
  10. Bikini Paradise
  11. I'm Fine
  12. Shalala
  13. Radio
  14. Telephone
  15. YA YA YA YA
  16. Something Sweet

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