February 03, 2021

Joe Normal & The Anytown'rs: Stuck In A Job b/w Living In The Borough

Playing no-frills pub-rock is a lot harder than it seems. It is all about the groove, the rhythm, and blue-collar lyrics. As a musician you have to live it to make it real. Enter Joe Normal & The Anytown'rs, a band led a New Jersey guy who ended up in LA and found three like-minded men to form a band. Their latest single follows the classic format: an upbeat (and angry) A-side, Stuck In A Job, backed by a more subdued B-side, the acoustic solo track Living In The Borough with Joe playing drums and mandolin.

This is a band who have been playing up a storm in any bar that would have them, winning over crowds and turning them into instant fans. With their blend for homespun working class garage rock mixed with the melodic pop sensibilities of the British invasion they are just what the doctor ordered after putting in long hours for a job that is not exciting or fulfilling in any sense. They can't wait to play again and provide a good night of rock'n' roll entertainment, sticking it to the man while they are at it.

Joe Normal & The Anytown'rs:
Joe Normal: guitar, vocals
Tony Babylon: bass
Michael Lockwood: guitar
Tony Snow: drums

Stuck In A Job b/w Living In The Borough is released digitally and as a limited CD via Big Stir Records as part of their Big Stir Singles series.

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