February 05, 2021

HCTF premiere - Sabatta: What Set List? 2

Few rock bands have the ability to keep playing for years on end like there is no tomorrow like Londoners Sabatta. They have collected a bunch of high energy songs for What Set List? 2, compromising of a handful previously singles and material that will sound familiar to those who were lucky enough to see perform live, offering the best of funky trash metal tinged rock to be found in the Big Smoke.

Singer and guitarist Yinka Oyewole and bass player Debbie Dee keep it simple and straightforward, digging in their stash of riffs and hooks, and go straight for the gut with their music while nudging the brain with their politically charged lyrics, writing about racism, police violence. But there is also plenty of good time rawk on this compilation. It will be released on February 12 and is available for pre-order from their website.

  1. Didn't C It
  2. Last 2 Go
  3. Platinum & Golden
  4. Supa Nastee
  5. Guillotine
  6. So High
  7. Blow
  8. Princess
  9. Cold Enuff
  10. HMP London
  11. Taking My Time
  12. Know My Name
  13. Cops Watch Cop Shows Too

» sabatta.net

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