January 04, 2021

Yip Man of Scotland: What's Your Secret?

Yip Man of Scotland, alter ego of Al Nero, has released the second single from his forthcoming new album Cock of the North. It's a hook-filled plea to not take everything so seriously, especially when inspiration fails to kick in and the lyrics don't materialize out of thin air like they used to. He wont't a way to capture his writer's black and when tall out building a complex yet utterly likeable piece of rock where glam, grunge and indie are dancing together with reckless abandon. The off-kilter video was made by Jason Sinclair of Poppycock Films, whose in the clip as himself, and label owner Alan Souter portrays a cigar-munching clueless exec.

What's Your Secret? is released via Armellodie Records. The new album Cock of the North will be available on March 26th.

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