January 10, 2021

The Stan Laurels: There Is No Light Without The Dark

Austin, TX based John Lathrop hovers between psychedelic rock and power-pop on There Is No Light Without The Dark, the new album by his project The Stan Laurels. He always put the melody first amidts an array of jangling guitars and catchy rhythms, with a sense of melancholy in the lyrics as the main mood of his songwriting. Even when he lashes out - it's obvious who is on the receiving end in Red-Handed Puppet, he never raises his voice to drive home a point.

Lathrop's autobiographical songs about reliving a panic attack (November) and his family (Of Love, Wine, And Song) have a quiet intensity that gets under the listener's skin in a good way. Being American he could not resist going out on a high note with a Hollywood ending of sorts in the closing track This Is Your Life, counting his blessings and urging others to do same.

There Is No Light Without The Dark will be released via Big Stir Records (CD, digital). Release date: January 23.

  1. Florida Man
  2. Tomorrow
  3. Lost & Found
  4. November
  5. Emotions I
  6. Of Love, Wine, And Song
  7. Red-Handed Puppet
  8. Mateo's Song
  9. On Paper
  10. Mo Collins
  11. Emotions II
  12. This Is Your Life

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