January 08, 2021

Jack Poels: Hartevrouw

Dutch folk singer Jack Poels sings about the love of his life on his new single Hartevrouw, the opening track from his forthcoming solo album II. He takes it slow, going for a mainly acoustic approach, and putting the vocals smack in the middle of the mix. Singing in the dialect of his native province has been modus operandi from the start, knowing fully well that music is universal language that can be understood outside his niche without any trouble. His debut album Blauwe Vear got rave reviews and it gave him the confidence to go out on his own again, next to fronting the popular Americana band Rowwen Hèze.

The video was made by Ruud Geuijen.

Hartevrouw is released via Snowstar Records. II will be released on February 26 and is available for pre-order here (vinyl, CD, digital).

» jackpoels.nl

HCTF review of Blauwe Vear.

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