January 19, 2021

Charlie Nieland: Tightrope

Brooklyn based producer and musician Charlie Nieland has shared Tightrope, another single from his forthcoming solo album Divisions. He is member of the The Bushwick Book Club, a circle of friends writing songs about a book they have read, and this one is an answer to the Little Liars novel by Julia Gray. Most people tell lies, wishing and hoping that they can get away with it, but the main character of the book takes lying to another level.

Nieland just the line "The colors run together, the coins are thrown forever, an instrument of trust" as the starting point for the song and came up with music that is halfway post-punk and ELO in their Out of the Blue phase.

The video was directed by B.A Miale, starring cabaret & circus performer Amy Gordon.

Tightrope is a self-released single. Buy it from his website. The Divisions album will be released on January 21 and is available for pre-order.

» charlienieland.com

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