January 20, 2021

Afronaut: Africans from Outta Space

Afronaut are front runners in the current SO punk movement, named after the famous Soweto township near Johannesburg in South Africa. The trio takes cues from acts like Bad Brains, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Living Colour, and Beastie Boys on their debut EP Africans from Outta Space, a spicy of genres with Zakhele Mangwanyane's violin acting as lead guitar. Singer Fumane Mahane can switch between rock star and preacher mode without blinking an eye, with Thulasizwe Nkosi supplying the beat on drums and guitar.

Africans from Outta Space would have been a big hit in the days of the ska-boom in the early Eighties. Their guts to mix punk, country and rockabilly is both refreshing and goddamn catchy. "I don't fit in", a line from Life Spiral, sums it up nicely.

Fumane Mahane: vocals, prophesy
Zakhele Mangwanyane: violin
Thulasizwe Nkosi: guitar, drums

Africans from Outta Space is released via The Good Times Co. Full streams on Soundcloud and Spotify.

  1. Barfight
  2. Life Spiral
  3. Birdhouse
  4. Hell For Sinners
  5. Ghost On The Roof
  6. Youthless

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