December 26, 2020

Tiny Wine: Archer

Chris Milton and Vertro Ubretl of New Hampshire duo Tiny Wine share a love for lo-fi nostalgia and captured the songs of their debut EP Archer on the RCA RP3504 Cassette Shoebox Voice Recorder. That machine gives the material a murky and dusty vibe, but there is also an intimacy and the sheer wonder of being able to press "record" and "play" simultaneously on the machine to turn it into a recording device, a feature that exited them so much when they were kids.

They look back on their youth - Teeth is about loosing baby teeth, getting married in the Autumn Leaves, and enjoying being bored just a little (Nothing). For those who remember the tape trading circles of the Nineties Archer the static and warbles of a 2nd or 3rd generation copy will sound utterly familiar, but all the flaws only add to listering experience. Homemade post-punk goodness for fans of Guided By Voices and Daniel Johnston.

Archer is released on 7" lathe cut white vinyl and cassette via Dutch label Tiny Room Records in collaboration with New Hampshire music/art collective and record label Salty Speakers.

  1. Teeth
  2. Leaves
  3. Nothing
  4. Archer

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