December 07, 2020

Marrow Thieves: Marrow Thieves + "He Comes Knockin" video premiere

Chicago based post-punk trio Marrow Thieves move slowly and menacingly on their self-titled debut EP. Mark Panick pulls of memorable vocals , dving ecerrn deeper than he did on Codex Tres Lingua, an album by Razorhouse, one of his other bands.

Horror stories once again proof to be able to transport the listener to places he does not want to go, but the lure of the unknown always wins. The menace of a slow Black Sabbath song is taken to another level on teh stand-out track He Comes Knockin, for which Dave Anderson created a hallucinogenic video.

Marrow Thieves:
Curtis Ruptash: bass, keyboards, loops
Dave Suycott: drums, percussion
Mark Panick: vocals, guitar, keyboards

Marrow Thieves is released via Underwear Factory Toy Records. Buy it from their website.

  1. Bringer of Wasps
  2. Shimmery Curtals
  3. He Comes Knockin

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