December 24, 2020

Adam Irving: Baby Rhino

English musician Adam Irving is knowne to rely on the guitar as his main instrument of choice, but for his new album Baby Rhino he switched to the piano. It makes quite a difference and there are quite a few instrumentals besides his usual pop rock idiom - the melancholy of An Ice Day is summoned with an only a handful of notes, but each of them counts.

He is a traveller (Venice Again, A Garden In Topanga) and a story teller, always on the move with an open eye for his surroundings and the characters he runs into. He is his own backing vocalist and he can turn himself into a one-man XTC-alike band with songs Not The End and jazzy lounge lizard during I Danced Sideways that will go down well with fans of Rufus Wainwright.

Without a A&R-type breathing down his neck telling him wtat the people will like and expect he can roam free in a musical universe where the only rules he has to follow are his own. An eclectic album like Beby Rhino is like a full course meal, so it makes sense to top it with a recipe for a classic English desert, Caramel Custard Recipe.

Baby Rhino is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. In The Middle
  2. Not The End
  3. I Danced Sideways
  4. Venice Again
  5. Sequoia
  6. Magpie
  7. An Ice Day
  8. Another November
  9. Fragment
  10. Sleepy Desert
  11. Sentimental Bullshit
  12. Hand Held Tighter
  13. A Garden In Topanga
  14. The Will To Go On
  15. I Still Want That
  16. My Guitar
  17. Mellowed
  18. Pulse
  19. Caramel Custard Recipe

» Adam Irving on Bandcamp

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