November 03, 2020

Tomer Krail: Held In Quiet Parenthesis

English musician Tomer Krail swings quietly on his new album Held In Quiet Parenthesis, a collection of folk-rock songs with a jazzy dressing. Without mentioning the culprit by name it is obvious that a relation has ended rather badly. His anxiety is bareely contained in the dark jazz funk of Try (A Little Honesty).

As a subject matter for an album that's nothing new - any serious collection of music has at least one shelf for "breakup" albums, but Krail has turned his anger and pain into a fetching batch of tunes. He pulls out all the stops in the superb Summer Solstice (Blue Fish Wailing) - he is stuck on a cruise boat and he needs both a Zappa-esquet and a borderline hard rock solo to deal what that. By using the same motifs for Held, In Quiet and Parenthesis, the three tracks that gave the album its title he tied the music together to make clear that this is a record that should be enjoyed as a whole.

Held In Quiet Parenthesis is a self-released album.

  1. Held
  2. Try (A Little Honesty)
  3. Tune Out, Tap Out, Fade out (Stronger Than Ever)
  4. And (It Kept On Raining)
  5. In Quiet
  6. So Unfaithful, So Untrue
  7. Summer Solstice (Blue Fish Wailing)
  8. Parenthesis

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