November 17, 2020

The Rev: Old New Borrowed Blue

Eric Meyers describes an eventful trip to London on Old New Borrowed Blue, the new single by his country rock band The Rev. Invited by a the wedding of a wonan he has a history with, he feels insecure and out of his depth. Trying to find a decent cup of coffee becomes a quest.

He does not fit in, but he finds plenty to like as well: tea, pubs and the big red busses showing him the sights. It's easy to picture him feeling self-conscious in his boots and wearing a borrowed suit. Meyers fell in love with teh city and it gave him the conifdence to play all the guitar parts on this one - and that is no small feat. Anyone who has ever been to London will want to revisit again soon.

Old New Borrowed Blue is a self-released single. Free download from their website.


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