November 18, 2020

The McKenzie FIX: Pandora's Box

Ewan McKenzie, formerly the driving force behind the psychedelic pop project Emporium, goes all out on his New Wave meets baroque pop outlet The McKenzie FIX. Unabashedly intellectual and with a deep love for literature he mixes Greek mythology, Gothic imagery of the wit of Lewis Carroll. If there is theme that ties the songs together it is "trust". He urges to take a leap of faith (The Shining) and the Visitors might actually be friendly. He pities the lonely soul at a party in Alone People can feel really lonely in a crowd and in this story of a girl feeling awkward at a party, not being able to partake in the inane banter and gossip of the other guests, is quite fetching. When Nobody Listens will sound familiar to owners of the Emporium EP Dead In Bed.

McKenzie doesn't shun grand gestures with his music, but his vocals ara always a bit restraint. He is the outsider looking in, wondering what all the fuzz is about. His perspective is devoid of any arrogance. It is said that after Pandora opened the jar (not a box actually, that is a mistranslation) only hope remained after if it was closed - amoing other bad things sickness and death had gotten out. He has latched on that classic myth and made an album that is offering solace, without the need to compromise. It's fine to be different. He does not want followers - Don't Feed On Me, but wants people to stay true to themselves.

Pandora's Box is released via Crystal Seven Records. Release date: November 20. Buy it here.

  1. Pandora's Box
  2. Alone
  3. The Shining
  4. When Nobody Listens
  5. Waiting
  6. Visitors
  7. Martin & The Artist
  8. Midnight Blue
  9. Only Silence Remains
  10. Winter In The Machines
  11. Don't Feed On Me
  12. Pandora's Box (Reprise)


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