November 27, 2020

McStine & Minnemann: II

Randy McStine (Lo-Fi Resistance) and Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats) are quick to release another McStine & Minnemann album. They named it II and it is a big step up from their rather uneven self-titled debut record that came out earlier this year. They went for the darker side of electric (and sometimes hectic) prog this time. Sex is a big thing in the lyrics and some song titles - Girls At The Gig, Quarantine Sex Slave - guarantee that they will be labeled as explicit before even hearing a note.

The debut lacked focus - which could be blamed in on the haphaxard, prolonged recording process - but now they have nailed it. II is a raw album, its dirty sound has "come hither" written all over it, plus great hooks, solos and quite a bit of smokes and mirrors trickery with chord changes and challenging rhythms.The breakneck speed of Old Sparkey will frustate drum students in their futile attempts to replicate it. A must for prog fans of all ages.

McStine & Minnemann: II

II is a self-released album. Buy it from their website. Release date: December 4.

  1. Love Before Algorithms
  2. I Don't Need It
  3. I Don't Feel
  4. Girls At The Gig
  5. Big Wave
  6. Tired
  7. REM
  8. Love After Algorithms
  9. The Flame
  10. Old Sparky
  11. Quarantine Sex Slave
  12. Hello Dear Miss Swan Song
  13. dumbdumb
  14. Distant Bodies
  15. Running In Place
  16. The Horse Is Dead


HCTF review of McStine & Minnemann.

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