November 22, 2020

Enfant Terrible: L'Air du Temps

Alt-folkies Enfant Terrible wrap their concerns in gentle swaying songs. The Devon based quartet, led by mutl-tnstrumentalist and songwriter Matthew Street are genuinly worried about the numbing effect of the ubiquitous presence of technology. These are confusing times with shifting paradigms and fact-free politics. Their mixed emotions are the main theme on their new L'Air du Temps.

By using a haro and a forlorn sounding trumpet beides their glorious three-part harmonies Enfant Terrible sound deceptively pastoral. They don't provide any definite answers on how to cope, but asking questions in itself is a way to make a start to make sense of it all.

Enfant Terrible:
Jennifer Schamotta: harp
Zoe Curits: keyboards, vocals
StevieRay Latham: bass, vocals
Matthew Street: guitar, vocals, trumpet

L'Air du Temps is a self-released EP. Full stream on Soundcloud and Spotify.

  1. Theodore
  2. Moved Away
  3. Anaesthetised
  4. Wait With Me
  5. Theodore (banjo mix)

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