November 29, 2020

DC: Take the Long Way Home

Italian avant-ambient duo DC captured different landscapes and moods in a lomg-form piece of music, Take the Long Way Home, a seamless improvisation divided into eight parts. Drums, guitars, radio static and bareley audible chatter were assembled and carefully stitched together to create a sprawling sonic experience. It gets quite harsh at times, with distorted noises and an eerie trumpet that floats on top of a musical maze that rubs shoulders with free jazz and post-rock.

Intriging, compelling and at times overwhelming it is a challenge for listeners with a short attention span. Persist and changes are that a consecutive listen to all its 48 minutes and 52 seconds is a great way to drift away and enter a secluded garden where ideas are allowed to grow freely.

Andrea Dicò: drumkit for kids, bow, toy-trumpet, walkie-talkie, toys, objects, samples
Francesco Carbone: Lap steel guitar, electric guitar, tin can, transistor, pedals, loop station

Take the Long Way Home is released via Setola di Maiale. Full stream on Soundcloud.

  1. The Army
  2. Great Possessing
  3. Gnawing Bite
  4. Great Exceeding
  5. Prospering
  6. Augmenting
  7. Skinning
  8. The Wanderer

» DC on Bandcamp

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