October 17, 2020

VeldHans: The Becalming

Stuart Cullen (Pilote) and Jonathan Brown (Dusty Stray) love to use sounds from bygone eras. The Becalming, the debut album from their VeldHans project, is a field trip through both time and space. The sound of accordeons, banjos, skipping vinyl, East Asian pipes and much, much more are used to create mysterious soundscapes, where the usual laws of physics do not necessarily apply.

The musicians act as guides for a visit to places that only exist fairy tales and Sci-fi stories. And for some reason there is square dancing and waltzing. In the universe created by Cullen and Brown it makes perfect sense. The Becalming would have baffled Alan Lomax. Best of luck dissecting all the folk music references from around the globe.

The Becalming is released via OneAcreRecordings and Great Waters.

  1. Oneohone
  2. Big Z
  3. De Laatkomer
  4. The Becalming
  5. Get Straight
  6. Sunburn
  7. When Peace Comes
  8. De Laatkomer (reprise)
  9. Down River

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