October 05, 2020

Mt. Doubt: Doubtlands

Mt. Doubt

Scottish dark-pop band Mt. Doubt provide the soundtrack for a rainy day with their new album Doubtlands. The band's leader and songwriter Leo Bargery lyrical prowess is rooted in his deep knowledge of literature and he put it good use to find the words to sing about diverse subjects as his fears for Waiting Rooms and his love for the Eshaness pensinsula.

Post-punk was never an optimistic genre, but it's not all bleak - it just takes a bit of time to find the brighter spots. The acoustic Murmurations with call-and-response vocals is as cozy ast they dare to go: the kind of song that goes well with a staring at the flames of a hearth and a stiff drink in hand.

Mt. Doubt: Doubtlands

Doubtlands is released on eco coloured vinyl and CD via Last Night From Glasgow.

  1. 68th In Orbit
  2. Caravans On A Hill
  3. Yawn When I Do
  4. Waiting Rooms
  5. Murmurations
  6. Headless
  7. Stairwell Songs
  8. Dark Slopes Away
  9. Eshaness
  10. Peaks Of Wreck

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