October 12, 2020


Greek singer, songwriter and producer LOGOUT opted to sing all the songs on his new album ΕΔΩ/ΕΚΕΙ (Here/There) in his native language this time. By doing so he was able to connect more fully with his emotions and memories being triggered by places. Psychedelic, lo-fi and the undeniable feelings of loss and love transcend all language barriers.

By mixing traditional Greek folk melodies and modern day electronics ΕΔΩ/ΕΚΕΙ brings traditional music to the 21st Century. With the aid of like-minded artists Nalyssa Green (vocals) and Kalliopi Mitropoulou (violin) and Orestis Petrakis (synthesizers) the album provides a gateway to the Greek underground scene.


ΕΔΩ/ΕΚΕΙ will be released on vinyl via Tiny Room Records and B-otherside records. Release date: October 16.

  1. Καταρράκτης
  2. Πλατεία
  3. Φίλη
  4. Αερικό
  5. Κύματα
  6. Κώστας
  7. Γκρι
  8. Παράθυρα
  9. Τρίτες

» logout.onuniverse.com

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