October 12, 2020


Greek singer, songwriter and producer LOGOUT opted to sing all the songs on his new album ΕΔΩ/ΕΚΕΙ (Here/There) in his native language this time. By doing so he was able to connect more fully with his emotions and memories being triggered by places. Psychedelic, lo-fi and the undeniable feelings of loss and love transcend all language barriers.

Mixing traditional Greek folk melodies and modern day electronics he brings traditional music to the 21st Century. With the aid of like-minded artists Nalyssa Green (vocals), Kalliopi Mitropoulou (violin) and Orestis Petrakis (synthesizers) the album provides a gateway to the Greek underground scene.


ΕΔΩ/ΕΚΕΙ will be released on vinyl via Tiny Room Records and B-otherside records. Release date: October 16.

  1. Καταρράκτης
  2. Πλατεία
  3. Φίλη
  4. Αερικό
  5. Κύματα
  6. Κώστας
  7. Γκρι
  8. Παράθυρα
  9. Τρίτες

» logout.onuniverse.com

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