October 07, 2020

John Cale: Lazy Day

It's been awhile since John Cale released new material. A new album was about to happen in 2020, but the pandemic got in the way. Lazy Day, a new single made it to the streaming services and it is slice of classic Cale: meldodic, off-kilter, gentle and disquieting. At 78 he is still on top of things, brining avant-garde to the general public like very few people can:

I was so ready to finally get my new album out; fits and starts and then damn 2020 happened! A lot to say in these times. “Context is everything and 140 characters isn’t going to cut it! As a songwriter my truth is all tied-up in and through those songs that must wait a while longer.

It occurred to me that I do have something for the moment, a song I’d recently complete. With the world careening out of its orbit I wanted to stop the lurch and enjoy a period where we can take our time and breathe our way back into a calmer world.

Lazy Day is released via Double Six, an imprint of Domino Records. The video was directed by Abby Portner.

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