October 31, 2020

In Isolation: Shards

photo: Simon Parfrement

Nottingham based melodic neo-New Wave quartet In Isolation sound like the Human League and even Spandau Ballet on their new album Shards, but those bands never got into politics. While their fote is playing bigger than life synth-heavy love songs (The Man Who Hides From Love, Infinite), they also look anxiously at the East with Russian Doll, tackling the poisoning of diplomats.

Their band name is a perfect fit for their music. They never got out of the Eighties, a sentimental journey to an age where things were pretty dark as well. It is tempting to draw comparisions with the current state of things. Once again the world is in a flux, so it makes sense that some are reaching for the stars as a means of escape, which inspired them to write TRAPPIST-1 (A Space Anthem). Bonus points for the Bauhaus cover She's In Parties.

In Isolation:
Ryan Swift: vocals, guitars
John Berry: guitars
Tony Ghost: drums
Mike Sinclair: bass

Shards is a self-released album. Buy it (CD, digital) from their website.

  1. The Man Who Hides From Love
  2. Russian Doll
  3. Infinite
  4. Loving The Ghost
  5. Estrangement
  6. She's In Parties
  7. TRAPPIST-1 (A Space Anthem)
  8. Until The Next Show


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