September 13, 2020

Starless: Earthbound

Composer and producer Paul McGeechan assembled a wealth of top-tier vocalists for Earthbound, the second album of his Starless project. Wrapped in lush orchestrations oplayed by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra the singers were allowed to find their way and make their mark.

McGeechan thinks big, while keeping an eye to detail. Projects like these often from overthinking and addding far too many layers. He sidestepped all the pitfalls and translated his pop background - he played keyboards in Scottish New Wave band Love & Money and Friends Again - into a neo-classical, accessible arrangments. Earthbound is an album for the homesick and the romantics who need a healthy dose of melancholic beauty.

Earthbound is released via Last Night From Glasgow (vinyl, CD, digital).

  1. Long Bhriseadh
  2. Ailein Duinn (vocals – Karliene)
  3. Paper (vocals – Emma Pollock)
  4. Breakdown (vocals – Steven Lindsay
  5. Spellbound (vocals – Chris Thomson)
  6. Glittering Light (vocals – Jerry Burns)
  7. Settling Mist (vocals – Silvia Ramón Gérard)
  8. Chase The Devil (vocals – Marie Claire Lee)
  9. Cridhe Aingeal
  10. Somewhere In The Night (vocals – Steven Lindsay)
  11. Sea Shanty No.2 (Wish You Were Here) (vocals – Grahame Skinner)
  12. Calvary (vocals – Chris Thomson)
  13. Ailein Duinn 1957 ((vocals – Julie Fowlis)

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