September 08, 2020

Nordmann: In Velvet

photo: Tobias Jansen

Belgian jazz rock quartet Nordmann take it down a notch on their third album In Velvet. Safe for the brisk opening track Cryptonum the overall mood is laid back. The synth heavy post-rock inspired music flows as one long continuous piece - each track is connected seamlessly to next. Mattias De Craene adds saxophone flourishes and drummer Elias Devoldere acts as a referee steering the band with short bursts.

In Velvet is gentle, but it is also a force that wants to be taken seriously. The dark undercurrent of Boats/Marseille Star-Fluff and, even more so, the use of dissonants in Partie Deux are proof that they have mastered the art of playing disquieting and compelling pieces that are beyond the grasp of far louder avant-garde bands.

Mattias De Craene: saxophones, loops, synths
Edmund Lauret: guitar
Dries Geusens: bass, synth
Elias Devoldere: drums

In Velvet is released via Unday Records (vinyl, CD). Release date: September 18.

  1. Cryptonym
  2. Cascade(s)
  3. Submarine
  4. Blue Rose Case
  5. Jade
  6. Boats/Marseille
  7. Star-Fluff
  8. Partie Deux
  9. April
  10. Maine Cocoon


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