September 25, 2020

Avery Plains​/​Whipster Split 7": "A Song Of My Own Rising" b/w "A Perpetual Longing"

Two Dutch bands from the Groningen underground joined forces for a split 7". Avery Plains and Whipster share the same singer, Jurgen Veenstra, but they cater to different niches. Avery Plains picked A Song Of My Own Rising, a New Wave song a la Echo and the Bunnymen, while Whipster's A Perpetual Longing is darker and throws in some dissonants and feedback while they were at it. A double A-side that can eve trboth bands as a business card for their sound and also a gateway to explore their discographies.

A Song Of My Own Rising b/w A Perpetual Longing will be released on vinyl on October 1st.

» Avery Plains on Facebook
» Whipster on Facebook

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