September 05, 2020

André Salvador and the Von Kings: André Salvador and the Von Kings

Craft batch indie rock isn't a genre that will ring a bell for most people, but that's how André Salvador & the Von Kings, a Brooklyn-based project led by multi-instrumentalist Tim Cheplick, is labeled by he band themselves. Their self-titled debut album is filled with carefully assembled psych-pop songs. Orchestrated and bare bones acoustic segments are woven into a mesmerizing sonic tapestry.

Tim Cheplick wears his heart on his sleeve. Mixed emotions are turned a longing love letter (Runaway Schemes) or a put-down farewell of sorts (Pagan Prayers). Prepare for a magic carpet ride, where time and space are not bound by the laws of physics. Recommended if you like The Foreign Films and Ex Norwegian.

André Salvador and the Von Kings is released on eco coloured vinyl via Last Night From Glasgow. Digital via Bandcamp.

  1. I Love You (Don't Laugh)
  2. Runaway Schemes
  3. Something Nice
  4. Angel
  5. Pagan Prayers
  6. Second Sight
  7. I Know
  8. What We've Got
  9. Bootlegs
  10. Season in Hell
  11. Joanne
  12. Point of Tears

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