August 03, 2020

Waves of Dread: EP II

English indie trio Waves of Dread go for a dense mood on EP II, amalgam of neo-psychedelica, post-punk and shoegaze. amidst all the effects the acoustic Stars stands out, offering a glimpse into their writing process. It's not all dark, but it takes time to digest the actual meaning of the songs. By doing so they are a cut above the bands who look back to the Eighties as their main source of inspiration. Musically they are still searching for their signature sound, which lies within reach and could be in full bloom on the next album.

Waves of Dread:  EP II

EP II is a self-released EP. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from their website.

  1. Foregone
  2. Artless Hearts
  3. Motion
  4. Something New
  5. Stars
  6. Born

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