August 19, 2020

Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon: new album "Noon" 0n August 28

Acoustic guitarist Leo Kottke & Phish bass player Mike Gordon made two well-received albums back in the day: Clone (2003) and Sixty Six Steps (2005). The two musicians have teamed again for a new record, Noon, that will be released digitally on August 28. CD and vinyl will hit the shops on November 20. Two tracks serve as a taste of what they have in store: the off-kilter I Am Random and an intricate instrumental, Ants.

Kottke on making the record:

I just knew there was a shape and that we were following it. We were trying to get to that place that we get to in a little room, just chasing each other. We’ve found that at sound checks, and at my place, or his place, or some motel room. We wanted to get that late night feel. It’s a more intimate record than the others are, I think there are depths to it.

Gordon on making the record:

The vibe is very different from the other two albums .I was hearing a darkness in the material Leo was bringing, and some of the material that I wanted to bring, that I thought just reflected going through 10 more years of life. There are overdubs, but it’s still more like you’re in a cafe or a living room with these two guys. And even when we had drums, we wanted to maintain that feeling.


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