August 29, 2020

Grus Paridae: Urge for the Gray Rainbow

Finnish progressive rock project Grus Paridae build their song slowly, carefully rearranging each note ot create a sonic experience filled with orchestral and classic rock elements. The new single Urge for the Gray Rainbow is a journey through both darkness and light, an invitation to wander inside their audio bubble and take in all the sights without a map. Soundwise it is a blast from the past, mainly the Eightie,s when prog was trying to reinvent itself by using technology like synths and programming. Musicianship can never be replaced by tech - there are just tools and they have put them to good use.

Petteri Kurki: vocals, guitars, synths, bass, drums, programming
Rami Turtiainen: vocals, guitars, synths, drums, programming
Jarno Koivunen: violins, synths, piano, guitars

Melting Pot is a self-released single.

Melting Pot is a self-released single.

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