August 01, 2020

Ex Norwegian: Hue Spotting + Spotting Hues

Roger Houdaille, main man of Miami based neo-psychedelic power pop project Ex Norwegian, comes out swinging with a double whammy: ten brand new songs on Hue Spotting and the covers companion Spotting Hues. The two albums are complementary, a grand gesture showing insight in his own creative process and paying tribute to his influences.

Ex Norwegian:
Roger Houdaille: guitar, vocals
Tatiana Blades: vocals
Vic Kingsley: guitar
Giuseppe Rodriguez: bass
Joe Hernandez: drums
Taylor Vega: sax

Both albums are released via Think Like A Key Records.

Hue Spotting
For an American Houdaill possesses a rare sense of English) humour - naming yourself after Monty Pytho's Dead Parrot sketch is a dead giveaway about where his satirical knack is coming from. The music is deeply rooted in the late Sixties and early Seventies. The words are of a timeless quality, filled with puns, twists and turns, requiring a deep knowledge of a couple of decades of popular culture to fully appreciate.

With songs about being an old-school musician in a hip-hop dominated era (Post Post Malone) and trying to reach a bigger audience (Not Underground a more serious comes to the fore as well.

  1. Fear Backwards
  2. Comfort Sands
  3. Hue Spotter
  4. Bloody Parrots!
  5. You Turn Papers Colour
  6. Something 2020
  7. Post Post Malone
  8. Your Mind Is Mind
  9. Not Underground
  10. Night Is Long (Long As Night)

Spotting Hues
Lots of pop classics are basically canon nowadays and have been covered , but there tons of overlooked tracks deserving a place in the spotlights. And that is what this album does, unearthing tunes that only hardcore music geeks are familiar with.

Let's hear it for bands like Irish experimental folkies Dr. Strangely Strange (Jove Was At Home), Dutch New Wave act Gruppo Sportivo (Happily Unemployed) and English psych-pop band The End (Cardboard Watch). They have been re-imagined and reinvented in full-colour by a bunch of musicians who were not afraid to apply their own sounds and arrangements.

  1. Hallo To Me
  2. Buffalo Billycan
  3. Jove Was At Home
  4. Happily Unemployed
  5. The Cry Of Eugene
  6. Baby Stay For Tonight
  7. Cardboard Watch
  8. Until The Poorest Of People Have Money To Spend
  9. Girl From New York
  10. The Nightmare Of J.B. Stanislas
  11. Lady Of The North


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