July 22, 2020

Welcome Center: This House Will Be Filled With _____

Dallas/Philadelphia electronic-pop duo Welcome Center have mastered replicating the English Eighties danceable synth sound. On their new EP This House Will Be Filled With _____ longtime friends Jesse Smith and Aaron Sternick explore the darker side of life, albeit with a glimmer of hope thrown in for good measure.

Deceptively upbeat textures can catch the listener on the wrong foot, just like their big influence New Order was capable of doing. Sitting on the fence between post-punk and New Wave they provide entertainment for both the thinkers and the dancers. For an American act they could be mistaken for a UK duo. Their accent ia a dead giveaway, however.

This House Will Be Filled With _____ is a self-released EP. Buy it from their website.

  1. Rejoice
  2. Animals Haunted by Love
  3. Control Alt Obsession
  4. A Punchbowl in Hell
  5. Antiseptic as a Coffin

» welcomecenterband.com

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