July 23, 2020

Ted Russell Kamp: Down In The Den

Americana artist Ted Russell Kamp plays old school country rock on his new album Down In The Den. The cover art is an indication of what's inside: roots music that takes a lot of cues of the early Seventies. Pedal steel, harmonizing, its all there and more. Map's main instrument is the bass - he has played on more albums by other artists than he cares to remember, but on this record he can also be head on acoustic guitar, keyboards, percussion, trumpet, trombone, dobro and banjo. Lyrically he taps in old time favourites like going to the movies, heartbreak, love and grief.

Down In The Den is a craftman's album. Calling in favours from his friends (Shooter Jennings, Gordy Quist, Sarah Gayle Meec) he was able to create a rich palette of sounds that add a bit of extra swing, jazz and swagger. Most of the time he rocks gently, nodding approval to his musical cohorts. Kamp caters to a loyal fan base and they won't be disappointed about his latest effort.

Down In The Den is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Home Sweet Hollywood
  2. Have Some Faith
  3. Waste A Little Time With Me
  4. Stick With Me
  5. Hold On
  6. Hobo Nickel
  7. Rainy Day Valentine
  8. The Good Part
  9. Word For Word
  10. My Turn To Cry
  11. Only Song
  12. Every Little Thing You Need
  13. Saint Severin
  14. Take My Song With You

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