July 15, 2020

Adrian Walters: Starting Somewhere

It took English singer-songwriter Adrian Walters a couple of years to come out of his shell and release his Starting Somewhere album. Now based in Chicago he became friends and with multi-instrumentalist Steve Dawson, who kept pushing him to finish the project. After finding his bearings he looks backs on his days in the UK, reminiscing about being blown away by Nick Drake's debut album Five Leaves Left and the glory days of his football team Nottingham Forest. He wrote about the team's cult player, The Ballad of Ian Bowyer.

Walters shows some trepidation in delivering his tunes, but there is no need for him to be shy. Starting Somewhere is a gem that could be mistaken for long lost early Seventies folk album. with Aaron Smith adding a bit of jazz swing on his upright bass and one-man orchestra Steve Dawson on everything else he could focus on his words and gentle acoustic guitar. A belated career as a well-loved storyteller might be in the cards after all.

Adrian Walters: vocals and acoustic guitar
Steve Dawson: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, synths, drums, percussion, lap steel, harmonium, melodica, backing vocals
Aaron Smith: upright bass

Starting Somewhere is a self-released album (CD, digital). Buy it from his website. Release date: July 17.

  1. Fall and Rise
  2. Pennies in the Jar
  3. Starting Somewhere
  4. Me and Sarah Jane
  5. Tanworth Pilgrim
  6. Ruler of the Roost
  7. The Ballad of Ian Bowyer
  8. Back to the Drawing Board
  9. Hometown Boats
  10. First of July
  11. Grey Clouds Over Tinsley
  12. Another Day Gone

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